Our Skincare Services

The staff at Innerhealth Spa helps you feel and look your best. Your concerns and goals in regard to your appearance are as unique as you are as a person, and we strive to get to know and assist you in achieving the outcome you want. Our staff offers a variety of cosmetic services in a professional, relaxing setting. Our approach emphasizes natural skincare solutions to help you reveal healthy, radiant skin. In the Salem area we are the only spa that offers acupuncture-based facial rejuvenation services. We use only the highest quality skin care products to pamper you. All cosmetic services are performed by licensed, experienced estheticians.


Microcurrent Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation. If you want to look your best, but your features are tired, your eyes are baggy and your skin is without luster, yet you do not want any cosmetic surgery, then needle-free facial acupuncture might be your answer. Microcurrent facial rejuvenation is our Cadillac service. Unparalleled in regard to effectiveness and comfort, it addresses many different issues concurrently, including wrinkles, lack of firmness, and skin texture. The freedom from discomfort and post-treatment downtime, and the experience of enhanced vitality contribute to the ever-increasing popularity of this Asian art. If you want to take years off your face, and feel and look invigorated, needle-free facial acupuncture is the perfect partner in your quest for rejuvenation and renewal. We recommend a series of 12 treatments.


Microdermabrasion is a powerful but gentle anti-aging procedure that exfoliates, refreshes and renews your skin. It delivers instant results, is very affordable, and you leave the office with a radiant glow. Microdermabrasion is an effective therapy that, when used alone, or in combination with anti-aging laser treatments, facials, moisturizing treatments and chemical peels reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots, acne scars and other skin imperfections. Our clinic uses only diamond tipped equipment.

Laser/Pulsed Light Services

Hair Removal. Join the ever increasing number of women who have thrown out the razors and do not need to put up with stubbles and waxing anymore! We use a Palomar Starlux IPL, which offers the latest technology and provides the most pain-free and effective hair removal treatments available today. We frequently run specials and offer some of the best prices in the Salem area.

Dark Spots. Using our IPL system we can erase years from your face and hands! The light procedure eliminates dark spots permanently without pain. You can expect to have a 30 to 60 % improvement in a single treatment, while bleaching creams cannot offer more than about 10 % with many weeks of application. You can choose a brief spot treatment or a full-face photo facials treatment. The latter includes two passes with the equipment with different settings for optimal results.

Facial Veins. Light treatments are the only known modality that addresses the symptoms of rosacea, including facial capillaries, discolored veins, and generalized redness that make you look older. Repeat treatments are usually necessary.


European Facials. Reawaken and rejuvenate your skin with a facial designed just for you! Our signature facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, a mask, and 15 minutes of microcurrent treatment, which builds collagen and increases product absorption. Relax and indulge yourself for a full hour .

You can choose from the following options:

Organic Facial — for purists, and those with sensitive skin

Anti-aging Facial – a stronger treatment for wrinkles

Skin-lightening Facial – for darker skin and age spots

Chemical peels improve and smooth skin texture and help to reveal younger, clearer, more radiant skin. Often referred to as “lunchtime peels,” these treatments can be performed in about 20-30 minutes and require no down-time. They are a very cost-efficient way to address a variety of skin concerns, including acne or uneven texture. Our clinic offers a variety of choices for every skin type, including glycolic peels, peptides, or lactic/kojic. Our experienced esthetician will help you make just the right choice.

We carry and use organic, paraben-free products. Our product line is Image Skincare.