Migraines Are Gone!
I turned to acupuncture looking for relief for a chronic swollen knee, hot flashes, and especially migraines, which have dogged me for more than a decade. After a series of acupuncture treatments the knee is back to normal, hot flashes are greatly reduced, and best of all, the migraines are gone! In retrospect, I should have tried acupuncture much sooner. It worked great for me!
Rebecca T.
Significantly Reduced My Pain
Very pleased with acupuncture session both during and after. My pain significantly reduced plus I felt a sense of calmness and ease.
Mary H
Very Relaxing
I loved the experience. Super nice people and very relaxing. My neck and shoulders were tense and tight when I went in. By the time my session was over, they were mush. It was almost euphoric. Can't wait to go back
Teresa S
Best Acupuncturist I’ve Ever Seen!
Mike Johnson is the best acupuncturist I have ever seen! He helped my migraines go from multiple times a week to very few a month. Such a great provider & his patient care is the best! Highly recommend him, for everything!
Allison D
He is professional, handles needle painlessly. I was always afraid of needle, but there is no pain when he put the needle in. It took care of the pain.
Qing C
Treatment After Car Accident
Before coming here I was incredibly skeptical of acupuncture as a practice. I’d never had any desire to try it and honestly the entire concept made me nervous. That was until I was on McKenzie Highway in August and was rear ended while stationary by a woman doing at least 60MPH. I had some good work done by a great chiropractor and some amazing massage therapists, but it wasn’t until I started going to see Michael and get acupuncture treatments that I started to really get relief and some measurable healing. Michael is knowledgeable and professional, and I appreciate his technique and ability. I’ve never been more thankful than I have been since I started to feel a noticeable decrease in pain. This recovery has been brutal on my body and Michael and Kim have been an incredible resource that is the most instrumental and irreplaceable part of the process. They’ve earned my loyalty for as long as we are within driving distance of one another.. and even if we aren’t I’d probably still make the effort!
Very Effective
Mike Johnson has been my acupuncturist for the last 6 years.  He is very thorough in assessment what of each patient needs. He as wonderful bedside manner and very gentle. Very effective in stress and pain management. I always came away from my sessions with a feeling relaxation. Mike is a great asset to Salem's community of health care.
Jenni O.